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Most items are now sold via my Tindie Store

These lists are now a bit out of date, but I have left them here for referece

Over the years I have been using and repairing vintage computers, I have built a number of upgrades and add ons

Often these are just things which I built for myself, but people have asked to buy

The links below will take you to a blog post with more informatiuon and buy it now PayPal link

Some things I hadn't planned on selling, but contact me if you would like to buy one

There are also a few past projects which are no longer in production

  • PET MicroSD (Commodore PET MicroSD card disk drive replacement)

I've had a lot of requests to provide just the USB keyboard controllers to allow people to convert their own keyboards

The following is a list of some of those, contact me if you want something that isn't listed here - pretty much anything with a keyboard can be converted.

The lists will take you to a blog post describing the kit and a buy it now PayPal link







The following are also available in limited numbers, contact me if you would like one: